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Talulah, the beagle that started it all!!

Tibby, April 2005

Sneakers, July 2005


May 2006

Morley, June 2008

Sophia, September 2009


Road Runner Rescue

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P.O. BOX 155
Upper Fairmount, MD 21867

2014 was very, very busy for Road Runner Rescue. We saved 408 dogs, 852 cats and transported 750 cats to spay/neuter clinics, but that doesn’t really tell the whole story…

In August, after over HALF A MILLION MILES, the Wonder Van died. The right lower control arm broke and the right wheel came off (thankfully I was 2 blocks from home and not on a transport with a van full of animals). It had traveled its last mile and saved its last life. A week later I bought a new van so Road Runner Rescue could continue its mission. A BIG THANK YOU to all those who contributed to keep Road Runner rolling. I’ve already driven Wonder Van II over 24,000 miles!!

This year we also helped 12 dogs and 7 cats in need of special veterinary care including a dog who had a knife embedded in his back (a special thanks to Dr. Giza and the great staff at Layfield Vet Services!). Howard is fully recovered and has a wonderful new home. And… 2 cats that needed to have a leg amputated due to severe breaks. They are both doing much better!

Without wonderful rescues like Paws For Life, Last Chance Animal Rescue, Lab Rescue of Potomac, Wags &Wishes, LaMancha Animal Rescue, Burlington County Animal Alliance, Penny Angel Beagle Rescue, Wicomico Humane Society, Worcester Humane Society(just to name a few), these dogs and cats would have no place to go. Road Runner saves them from shelters and then these rescues find them forever homes. THANK YOU!

I also want to acknowledge and thank Road Runner’s wonderful dog and cat fosters…Patty, Laura, Jean, Amy and Cathy. A personal thank you to my neighbors Robin & Nicole who have helped maintain my own fosters and cat family when I have needed to be away. Without your help and dedication, we couldn’t save as many lives! You make the difference!

On a sad note, Tallulah crossed the Rainbow Bridge this month. If it weren’t for Tallulah, Road Runner would not exist. In April 2005, my neighbor, Sister Mary Winifred called the county dog control to ask if they ever took in any beagles. They had one, so she went there and adopted Tallulah. Sister Mary saw other wonderful, adoptable dogs there that they were going to put to sleep. (The county was then killing 99% of the dogs that they received.) She called me and said we needed to do something to help these dogs. That’s when we started visiting dog control, taking pictures and contacting rescues. Tallulah is responsible for saving thousands of lives!

I want to sincerely thank everyone for their support and encouragement throughout the year…Let’s see what we can accomplish in 2015!!


For the past 7 years, Road Runner Rescue has been a grass roots response to our animal population. It has been personally funded. Now that we are an official nonprofit organization, we hope that you will help us save even more animals. WE NEED YOUR HELP! WE NEED SPONSORS!

You can sponsor:

  • dog and/or cat transport for $50 pays for gas and tolls (pictures will be sent)
  • cat spay/neuter $45 (picture will be sent)
  • vaccines $12.50 and up for rabies or other vaccines (distemper vaccines are donated to shelters that don't provide them)
  • OR any other dollar amount


Our pets love PetMeds!