Talulah, the beagle that started it all!!

Tibby, April 2005

Sneakers, July 2005


May 2006

Morley, June 2008

Sophia, September 2009


Road Runner Rescue

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507,000 miles!!!!

For those of you keeping track, today's (12/31/13) odometer reading:

I just tallied my rescues for 2013....drum roll please....

DOGS 354
CATS 803
SPAY/NEUTERS 613 (which means a lot fewer kittens will be born!!)

The Mission of Road Runner Rescue is to get dogs & cats from high kill shelters and transport them to other rescues which find them forever homes. We don't do many adoptions so 46 is excellent. ALL the others went to other rescues!!!

REMEMBER, donations to Road Runner Rescue are tax deductible and help keep me on the road!! Thanks for all your support!!

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It started with adopting a beagle....

In April 2005, an animal advocate went to the local county dog control to adopt a beagle. What she found was a crowded shelter with a 95% kill rate! The poor dogs were being gassed! After discovering what went on there, we started walking the dogs, taking pictures and contacting rescue groups to save their lives. We then transported the dogs directly to the rescues where they were vetted and found forever homes. The seed of Road Runner was started.

Since that fateful day in April 2005, over 3000 dogs and 2000 cats have been rescued from high kill situations. We were also instrumental in having the gas chamber discontinued in Somerset County in March 2007.

We work with 4 shelters on the Maryland & Virginia Eastern Shore, driving the cats and dogs to safety. We are also addressing the issue of over population by taking cats to a low cost spay/neuter clinic in PA, sterilizing over 440 cats in 2010.

The Eastern Shore, although beautiful and quaint, does not have the population or financial resources like areas further north which is why many of these animals are sent to other rescue groups.

Our goal is to stop the overpopulation of dogs and cats and encourage responsible pet ownership. Road Runner Rescue believes that dogs and cats should be viewed as members of the family, not chained outside 24/7 or discarded. We work with other rescues to help achieve this goal.

Road Runner Rescue does not have a shelter. Our mission is to rescue dogs and cats directly from high kill shelters and transport them to directly to rescues. We do not take custody of the animals.


Road Runner Rescue has just received the Letter of Determination from the IRS approving the non-profit 501(c)(3) status!! This now means ALL donations are tax exempt and the date of the exemption is retroactive to Feb 25, 2011!! After 6 years, we are finally formalized. PLEASE help support our efforts to save dogs and cats on the Eastern Shore!!

I would like to thank Laura Dellatorre and Alexis Storey for all their hard work in making this a reality!


For the past 6 years, Road Runner Rescue has been a grass roots response to our animal population. It has been personally funded. Now that we are an official nonprofit organization, we hope that you will help us save even more animals. WE NEED YOUR HELP! WE NEED SPONSORS!

You can sponsor:

  • dog and/or cat transport for $50 pays for gas and tolls (pictures will be sent)
  • cat spay/neuter $45 (picture will be sent)
  • vaccines $12.50 and up for rabies or other vaccines (distemper vaccines are donated to shelters that don't provide them)
  • OR any other dollar amount


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